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A place conceived in loving-kindness to help, reach-out, and connect families; to inspire, motivate and even validate the journey you find yourself on; to be a source of hope and a safe haven.

About Linda Bausch, Our Founder

Linda Bausch, found of the Bryan Bausch Foundation.Linda Bausch is the proud mother of three sons—one of whom struggled with addiction. Upon her 32 year old son Bryan’s passing from a heroin-laced-with-fentanyl overdose in 2016, Linda began writing a monthly blog. She first documented her family’s journey throughout Bryan’s addiction, using her voice to share her love for her sons and to create a small space where any parent, sibling, friend, family member, and those who struggle with the disease of addiction, who might be walking the same path, would find that they weren’t alone.

Linda Bausch, literacy specialist and educator

The conflicting emotions of love, fear, shame, and helplessness are woven through the stories of lives lived before, during, and after the disease of addiction takes over and life becomes unmanageable.

An advocate for acceptance, education, healing, and recovery, Linda can frequently be found sharing her journey through this place, Bryan’s Foundation, as a speaker at various addiction-advocacy events, and as a participant in other non-profit and charity focused communities where love and addiction meet.

Linda, a retired college professor, lives on Long Island, NY. When she isn’t writing, Linda is providing professional development and consulting literacy education services in local districts and across the United States. Linda also loves to spend time with her husband and family, especially her two grandsons, run, garden, read and travel.


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A Quote | Sandy Swenson

“Misrepresented, misjudged, and mishandled. Addiction is a misunderstood tragedy, too often hushed up. Well, no more secrets. Not anymore.” ~ Sandy Swenson ( Continue >>>

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